Dear Editor, 

   On Tuesday November 5th, I will be voting for Debbie Boyle for South Plainfield Board of Education Line E.  Debbie cares about all of the students in South Plainfield.  She attends all of their concerts, plays, art shows, sports games, band competitions, spelling bees, and all other school events.  She encourages and supports our students. 

      Debbie supports our teachers.  She listens to their concerns and issues. She cares about them and always has their best interest in mind. 

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        Debbie supports our parents and will help anyone that asks her for help.  She cares about our community and is always giving back.  She never asks for anything in return. 

         At BOE meetings Debbie asks the hard questions.  She is always there and wants to be there.  She wants what is best for our students, teachers, parents, and community.  She has and always will be for our students, teachers, parents, and community.  

         I hope you will join me in supporting Debbie Boyle on November 5th, Line E. 


Jessica Spina