Dear Editor,


I am writing this letter to address the issue that some of my fellow South Plainfield residents have recently encountered, securing of their Water due to “Non- Compliance” of not scheduling their Water Mater to be changed.


Per law / regulation, a home residence’s Water Meter must be changed out every 10 years.  Middlesex Water Company, who is my water provider, contracted National Metering Services to carry out this function.  The concept of changing out the Meters should be welcomed to a home owner, as this ensures the meter is accurate and one is not being over-charged.  I think the argument, which many will agree to, is how National Metering Services went about it.

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In today’s world of Scams and such, anyone sending you a “Postcard” multiple time asking for access to your home and not having any supporting documentation from the Water Company to change out your Water Meter has to be met with some skepticism.  This is during the same time households are being bombarded with letters to purchase the insurance which covers your various pipes from the street to your house.  How many of those advertisements & last notices have we all received?


I fully understand National Meter Services has a job that they were contracted to carry out to perform, but how you went about it is what needs to be questioned.  In my case, I did follow your instructions and you failed to follow up with me.  I selected a date to have you come and change my meter, along with two other alternative dates, but you never followed up.  But you come to my house as well as others in my surrounding neighborhood and simply shut off the water and place the “Red Notice” on the front door, with no Knocking / Ringing of the Doorbell to provide notice of same.  How many of us have the Cameras at our front doors to prove this?  I know I do.  My account balance with Middlesex Water Company is current.  I have no financial relationship with National Meter Services, which I would guarantee the same can be said for my fellow residents.


National Meter Services and Middlesex Water Company should be held accountable for their actions.  Not only have you disrupted multiple households with this silly action, but you have made it very clear that your customers are not your priority.  When I did contact both these business and spoke of the issue at hand, no one bent over backwards to assist.  A window of 2Pm to 7Pm was provided to carry out the change and return the water service.  No one apologized profusely about their mistake or negative manner in which they performed.  Where has the concept of customer service gone?  I am pretty sure though, that I as well as everyone else will receive a survey asking to tell them how good they did on them doing their job.  Water was secured in our house from 11:00 AM (ish) until roughly 3:30 in the afternoon.  That was over 4 hours of not using the bathroom, washing hands or simply not using water.


Just imagine, you return from a hard day at work late afternoon / early evening and you come face to face with this Red Notice.  No one is there to turn you water back on.  You are forced to take a day off to ensure you are available.  Imagine if you were like me and actually did you due diligence and the failure was on their side.  Imagine arriving home from a day out, needing to take showers, cook dinner or simply use the restroom.  Not going to happen with no water.  Imagine if you are elderly or unwell and by the time this is noticed, the day is over and no one is available to turn the water back on.


It is a shame when humane decency and common sense are thrown to the side to ensure you squeeze enough of a profit from your contract, which since is required by law, was lucrative from the start most likley.


I would like to end this letter with the thanking of the various Borough Council Members and Borough Employees who checked into this matter.  This silly practice, based on a Facebook post by Mr. Rob Bengivenga, has been suspended until these two businesses determine why this service failure occurred.




Keith C. Both