Dear Editor:

I live off Clinton Avenue, not far from Holy Redeemer.    It is not uncommon for it to take me 20 minutes to get on 287.   If I have to drive down Sampton Avenue, the traffic stops at the light if someone is trying to make a left onto Plainfield Avenue.  The other day I had to turn onto Maple Avenue to go to the Post office.   I actually thought I was going to be hit by one of the huge tractor trailers driving in both directions down Front Street.  Does anyone in power actually drive our streets?  I didn't’t know whether to laugh or cry when I was stuck in traffic and saw the political slogan bragging “Getting It Done”.   I am really impressed by the Democrats plan to address these traffic nightmares.    They want to widen the intersection of Sampton and Plainfield Avenue to allow cars to pass when someone is making a left turn.   They also propose putting a dedicated left hand turn lane at the traffic light next to the McDonalds on Durham Ave….wow,  will that make the rush hour commute safer and faster!   Part of their plan is prohibiting trucks on Front Street and restarting the alternate truck route which has been put in moth balls by the present administration.    Join me in voting for the only team that has a real plan to address traffic:  Sandy Doyon for Mayor and Kristine Keefe and Sherri Zwerko for Borough Council.


Mary Beth Nagy