Dear Editor:
As South Plainfield continues our journey into these concerning, historic and unprecedented times, I would just like to express a word of thanks to our community leaders. Without any previously prescribed procedures or policies in place, they stepped up and into the uncharted waters, working hard to navigate our town’s journey into the unknown. Mayor Anesh has provided us with continuous updates, reports and introduction to new opportunities on a daily basis. Council members have kept round the clock, open lines of communication and advisement with residents. They are helping to work within the difficulty that comes from the sad but unavoidable closures of our beloved community facilities, including our PAL Recreation Center, The South Plainfield Library and our Senior Center. The Senior Center staff has kept a vigilant watch and ongoing outreach for our seniors. They continue to perform daily check ins, delivery of food and essentials, and transportation to those in need. Our Department of Public Works has learned to complete essential sometimes complex daily functions within social distancing guidelines. Borough Hall has maintained relevant services via appointment and phone. Our First Responders continue to work tirelessly around the clock to keep a watchful eye on our safety. During this time our municipal leaders have partnered with our South Plainfield School District who have done an amazing job continuing the education of our children. The Mayor and Superintendent have coordinated video casts to summarize and report updated information to all. The success of partnered messaging could be heard loud and clear as our town Roared together in the first of its kind “United we Roar event”. Our community was able to feel a part of something bigger as they let off some steam, while helping local businesses and those in need. No day in my recent memory has not included overcoming challenge. But with strong leadership, South Plainfield continues to be a place of both hope and support. Thanks again to everyone for your commitment, dedication and for taking the wheel under circumstances and conditions no one could have planned for.
-Nicole Esposito