Letter to the editor,

It is uncontainable to see what the country is doing to the children that are been separated from their parents.

No matter what’s your political affiliation or none for that matter, we should not be silent about the abuses of holding children behind chain link fences with Mylar blankets. It is not acceptable to hold babies, toddlers and children’s away from their parents in order to have a political leverage.

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We should not abuse babies, toddlers, children, the sick the weak, the elders and animals. It is not who we are as a country as human beings. We should be outraged by these actions.

Imagine if your child went on vacation to another country to celebrate with friends and or families after their graduation and they were detained and kept behind chained linked fences with the possibility that you could never see them again.

No child should die for removing a poster at a hotel as it happened to Otto Wambier in North Korea, the University of Virginia Student who was held in that country and returned to the US in a coma and later died.

The crisis we are facing now with the detention of babies and children at the border until they can be processed by the immigration authorities is uncontainable and inhumane, where they have to face a judge to plead their cases without an attorney, while some of their parents have been deported and have not way to find out the faith of their child.

This could expose the children to human traffickers and gangs.

Because of my values and integrity I cannot sit silent and say nothing about these atrocities. It is my humble opinion.

Roberto P. Sayers