Dear Editor:

I have the honor of representing my home town in the New Jersey Senate.    That position gives me the opportunity of interacting with people from every part of the political spectrum.    Simply stated the most effective leaders are those who treat everyone with respect.    Sandy Doyon is such a leader.    In these tumultuous times, where it has become acceptable to belittle your political opponent, Sandy stands as a model of intelligence, focus, and compassion.     As you probably know, Sandy Doyon has spent her entire adult life teaching first graders.    As a result of virtual learning, I don’t have to tell every parent and grandparent what a challenge that is…lol.   Sandy has a real platform to improve our great borough.  She wants to finally address getting trucks off our residential neighborhoods.   She wants to work with Middlesex County and my office to expand the Greenway to South Plainfield.    She wants to install a sidewalk/bikeway along Metuchen Road so the residents of the South Side can walk or bicycle to the center of town….good for business and a sense of community!   Sandy doesn’t think she has all the answers.   That’s why she wants to make Democracy Day an annual event to give you the opportunity to have your opinions heard by the decision makers.   Sandy Doyon is the right person at the right time.    Please join me in voting for Sandy Doyon, Democrat for Borough Council.   She is on the Biden for President ticket…..Row A.

Patrick Diegnan