Dear Editor:

I have been fortunate to live in South Plainfield my entire life.    We are rightfully proud of what our borough of family, value of hard work, respect for others.    Jon Dean and Sandy Doyon embody what makes South Plainfield such a special place.    During his first term on the borough council,  Jon has distinguished himself as a person who doesn’t care about politics.    He works with everyone to get things done.    Whether it’s getting trucks off our residential streets or improving our parks or cutting red tape and expenses, Jon is the person everyone looks to for leadership.    His record speaks for itself.   Jon Dean has earned our vote.

Simply stated, Sandy Doyon is a special person.    As a first grade teacher at Kennedy School, Sandy has positively influenced the lives of hundreds of our children.    Just ask any parent who has been fortunate enough to have Sandy as their son or daughter’s teacher.     Their children have benefited from Mrs. Doyon’s ability, support and compassion.     Sandy has also become a leader in the fight to control the opioid epidemic.     She is already working with Middlesex county to develop a program for middle school students to alert these vulnerable young people about the dangers of addiction.   Sandy Doyon is running for council for all the right reasons...She wants to help others in any way she can.

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Next Tuesday join me in casting your vote for two outstanding people who represent what South Plainfield is all about.     Please support Jon Dean and Sandy Doyon for Borough Council.

Patrick Diegnan