Dear Editor,

The “last refuge of scoundrels” – the politics of personal destruction. When candidates and their allies resort to nasty politics, it is usually because they have to obscure the failures of their administration. 

I prefer to vote for the qualities of the person and the positions they take on the issues. And this year I will be voting for Chrissy Buteas for mayor and Joe Lambert and Jeff Seider for borough council. After much thought, I believe our hometown will have a stronger, better future in their hands.

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The issues they have brought forth in this campaign are the issues that actually will build a stronger South Plainfield. I don't like that the borough is currently taking money out of emergency surplus to balance its budgets, rather than practicing fiscal responsibility. As a homeowner, I trust that my taxes are being properly spent, surpluses preserved and proper planning for the future is embraced. During my life in South Plainfield, time and again, I have seen administrations overspend and leave a fiscal mess that the next administration must repair. Chrissy, Joe and Jeff get that, too. I know they'll put us back on a path to living within our means.

They understand the quality of life issues that are the heart of small town living. We all see how bad our traffic has gotten of late. Chrissy, Joe and Jeff have shown me that they recognize the need for our streets to move more smoothly, whether to let residents in and out of their neighborhoods or visitors to come to our downtown. 

Most importantly, I know Chrissy, Joe and Jeff are committed to our borough through and through. To them, seeking office is not about holding office, it's about making South Plainfield an even better place to live and raise a family. And, in the end, that's what it's all about.


Walter X. Kalman