Letter to the editor

When I am looking for someone to represent South Plainfield in Trenton, I want someone that will work with the Borough's best interests in mind. Councilman Rob Bengivenga is that person.  Rob has fought to lower your taxes and bring jobs back to South Plainfield. Today, South Plainfield has the lowest tax rate in the 18th District. His opponents have done the opposite.  They have voted for several tax increases during their time in Trenton and to make matters worse, South Plainfield saw school funding get slashed over $180,000 this year alone!

We don't need  tax and spend legislators to continue to represent us in Trenton, we need someone who will fight to lower our taxes and fight for our fair share of school funding.  This is why I will be supporting Rob Bengivenga for assembly on November 5th.

John DeAndrea