To the Editor:

In last week's paper ex-Democratic candidate Joe Lambert spewed his venom toward library board volunteers. Being an elected official in the borough I can accept the criticism.  It goes with the territory. But to go after hard working volunteers crosses the line. Now let me set the record straight.

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The flag poles he is referring to are in a retention basin. The basin is about as deep as a bathtub with a much better pitch. The poles will also be reset, but he wouldn't know this because he doesn't attend the library board meetings or ask questions. I guess it is just easier to throw stones and hope someone believes his nonsense. I think maybe he and his party are just disturbed that a project they promised twelve years ago and could never deliver took volunteers to complete at no cost to the taxpayers.

And as one of the "powers that be" that you refer to feel free to reach out to me at anytime so you won't have to try and piece a story together. I'll just give you the facts.



Ray Rusnak