Dear Editor
How can Democratic candidates for council Keefe and Zwerko believe they are entitled to be on the borough council when they have never volunteered or helped out with any borough events? Well I guess the best way to answer this is to just ask them a few simple questions.
Before running for office:
Did you ever got to a South Plainfield Council Meeting?
Did you ever attend a Library Board meeting?
Did you ever attend a borough budget meeting?
Did you ever volunteer for a South Plainfield Committee or commission?
Did you ever attend a recreation meeting?
Did you ever attend a planning board or zoning board meeting?
Did you ever attend an environmental commission meeting?
I agree with Mr. Wolak’s humble approach. A candidate should learn and earn their position on council. In order to be in charge of our tax dollars, I think you should at least find out what the job entails. This is the approach Mayor Anesh and his team have taken. I know everyone wants a short cut to being the boss, but not with our tax dollars. This is why I am supporting Anesh, Bengivenga and Wolak.


Marilyn Levine