To the Editor,

I want to take the time to sincerely thank the residents of South Plainfield for the time they took to listen to my initiatives and gave me a vote of confidence in the 2017 election for Borough Council. As you know, I started this campaign putting forth my integrity, honesty and willingness to bring my experience and knowledge of government as an addition to the administration while working together for the benefit of ALL of South Plainfield and not just a few. My campaign was focused not on us against them but on what I could contribute to make South Plainfield a better and affordable place to live. I also want to thank those who took the time to write letters to editors in an effort to let the residents know more about me my qualifications for the Borough Council seat.

To those who attended our fundraiser I appreciate you making the effort to come to my fundraising events. Your attendance and support played an important role in our campaign. Your generosity and support is an encouraging reminder of why I started this campaign, so thank you.

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I want to also thank the South Plainfield Observer and Tap into South Plainfield for the coverage of the elections while maintaining their professionalism as is expected. While it’s incumbent upon the residents of South Plainfield to read through the publications and letters to the editor while trying to figure out which candidate can bring real change to South Plainfield and their household bottom line; I realize that with our busy livers it’s not an easy decision.  Although in every election you consider the person and not the political affiliation, after all you trust that those elected would represent ALL of South Plainfield. So to you both the South Plainfield Observer and Tap Into South Plainfield and their teams or reporters and writers thank you.  I also want to congratulate Mrs. Christine Faustini and Dereck White and their reelection. Also, to the Democratic Committee members and volunteers that help out in this election thank you.

I want to wish you ALL  a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and look forward to hearing from you on your ideas as we work together to make South Plainfield a better place to live and raise a family.

With gratitude,

Roberto Sayers

PS. Thanks again for your generosity and support,