On June 6, 2013 Shane McCoid, a SPHS 2012 graduate, was promoted to Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. This is the 2nd promotion Shane has received since he graduated boot camp in November 2012.

Shane is currently stationed at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center located in CA. With Shane’s promotion, he volunteered to go to a secondary school of training. As of September 3rd, 2013 Shane began a voluntary course - #0331 - Machine Guns at Twenty Nine Palms CA, which is pass or fail. He will spend 3 weeks in the field with hands on training to earn the right to be a Machine Gunner in the Marine Corps.

A Machine Gunner is one of the premiere jobs in the Marine Corps Infantry. This position is one of high responsibility and it’s a direct combat position, which means one will engage enemy equipment and personnel in an up close and personal manner. As a Machine Gunner in the Marine Corps, Shane will work to operate and maintain a variety of weapons and weapons systems, including the machine gun, naval guns, artillery, and other mortar and ordnance. Shane will be trained in a full spectrum of night and day combat techniques and against a full variety of enemy ability including nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

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Infantry Machine Gunners in the Marine Corps are able to defend and secure themselves and vital geography and terrain and work as part of a fire team to oppose and repel enemy forces by using fire support, maneuvering techniques, close combat, and are trained in a variety of weapons. A Marine Corps Machine Gunner is part of an elite Marine Infantry team, an expeditionary soldier and warrior of first response, able to travel and fight at a moments notice.

Please keep Shane in your thoughts and wish him luck on this incredible journey in which he is embarking; a journey to protect America, the Land of the Free.

Trish Readie