Dear Editor,

I’m sure South Plainfield will be giving a collective sigh of relief at the end of the month when Liquid Assets closes its doors for good. 

I want to congratulate Mayor Matt Anesh and the council for getting this done.  I know they’ve pushed for a long time to see this happen and that it wasn’t easy.   Yet because of these efforts, the people in the New Market area will see their quality of life improve, and our police officers will no longer need to deal with the problems that occurred there.      

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I think I speak for most people when I say that this has been a long time coming and something that will be a huge benefit for our community.  Residents have been complaining about the stain this business has put on our town for over a decade.  Why prior administrations failed to close the place down I don’t know.  But suffice it to say that the Mayor Anesh and his team deserve a lot of credit for getting the job done.

 April Bengivenga