Letter to the Editor:

Dr. Genco hailed to us from Jackson, New Jersey.  During the interview process there were Board members who visited Jackson and spoke with the Board of Education President, a number of administrators including the Superintendent.  The Jackson superintendent informed us that he did not plan on retiring and while he did not want to loose Dr. Genco, he did encourage his assistant superintendents to move forward, when there was an opportunity to move to a higher position.   The entire Jackson staff expressed to us that they would be loosing a huge asset if Dr. Genco moved on.

Dr. Genco arrived in South Plainfield ready and willing to become an intricate part of the South Plainfield School District.  He worked cohesively with his administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students.  He always listened to the Boards thoughts and opinions.  He always had his door open to all those who needed to speak with him, especially parents who needed to discuss issues.  Dr. Genco worked towards an intervention and agreement when issues warranted his attention.  He spent time learning about the teachers, students and community.  Dr. Genco was one of the first superintendents to form a working relationship with the Mayor, Borough Council, Chief Financial Officer, Chief of Police and the Emergency Management Team.   They are saddened to learn that Dr. Genco will be leaving.

Dr. Genco will be returning to Jackson as a Superintendent.  While the Board of Education, Administrators, Teachers, Staff and Community will mourn our loss, the Jackson School District is ecstatic that he will be returning.  Dr. Genco has brought cohesiveness to the South Plainfield School District.   He always allowed all stakeholders to voice their concerns and opinions  and he  then formed formed his decision based on what is good for the School District and to insure that all State mandates have been followed, whether it be special education students, general ed students or gifted and talented students.

Jackson is twice the size of the South Plainfield School District.  In response to an inaccurate statement made with respect to Jackson's Food Service agreement, Dr. Genco was in the Jackson School District when he hired the current food service director.  They have their own inhouse food service, which is cost effective for their District.   Jackson is approximately ten minutes from Dr. Genco's home.  His Dad has been ill and Dr. Genco needs to be closer to his own family and yes, there is an increase in pay but that is not the reason for his move.  Dr. Genco was torn between staying in South Plainfield or being closer to his family because of his Dad's health concerns.  It was one of the toughest decisions of his life because he has truly committed his time to South Plainfield.  He has brought numerous programs to the South Plainfield School District and is one of the few school districts' superintendents to embrace the PARCC testing and the technology that our students desperately need along with Assistant Superintendent Nicole Pormilli.    Dr. Genco has a concrete fiscal, long range facility plan, curriculum, technology, financial and strategic road map in place.

I, for one, will truly miss Dr. Genco.  I know that the entire Board has shared the same sentiments.  We are mourning a huge loss to our school district and I can only hope that Dr. Genco will be able to guide us in finding a new superintendent.  Community members, administrators, teachers and staff have all echoed the same response, that we are loosing a respected member of the South Plainfield School District, as our Chief School Administrator moves forward.   These are my truly heartfelt opinions, as written in my sentiments.

With my saddened sentiments,

Debbie Boyle