Last week the Library Board of Trustees approved the expansion of the South Plainfield Public Library. This is a project that was 10 plus years in the making, and it will finally come to fruition.  It proves what can happen when people work together. In addition to the library board of Trustee’s, Mayor Anesh formed a subcommittee to work on this project with the professionals as well as members of the library board.  The Mayor and I represented the governing body.  Eric Aronowitz was on the committee to be the legal representation, and to be quite frank, Eric and I have had our differences in the past. I never had an issue with the project in general, just the way the options were being presented years ago.  Eric, on the other hand, had a passion to get the project completed.

Fast forward to the present. We both knew and understood each other’s position, but also knew we needed to put differences aside for the good of the community. We did and these are the results. With the hard work and dedication of some, South Plainfield will finally be getting the new library it deserves. Eric is ecstatic with the new design and expansion. I am thrilled that there will be no cost to the taxpayers. I want to commend all those involved in getting this project done. I especially want to thank Darlene Cullen for her persistence, and Mayor Anesh for having this on his list of things to get accomplished during his first term. Not every idea has to be original; however promises do need to be kept. I want to thank Eric for his work and ideas. It was a pleasure working with him and I will continue to do so to see this project thru to completion. And for those of you that don't know him “Eric is actually a pretty nice guy.”

Councilman Ray Rusnak