Dear Editor,

Chrissy Buteas and her running mates hit a new low last week when they attacked our Department of Public Works.

 I have known Bobby Capparelli, the head of our DPW, for many years.  Cappy, as everyone know him, is a hardworking and honest person who is dedicated to our town.  In fact, he and his family are part of the patchwork of people who made our town what it is today.  Under Cappy’s leadership, I believe our DPW is one of the best in the state. 

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Given my feelings, it is hard to describe how disappointed I was when I read that Buteas and her crew were accusing the borough and our DPW of something inappropriate.  And even worse, that they were making these accusations without any evidence.  That’s right.  They made the accusations and then tried to obtain evidence to support them.   As we now know, however, the evidence proves them dead wrong.

 I wish Buteas would stick to the issues that are important to people, things like keeping South Plainfield affordable, bringing in new businesses and jobs, and moving our town forward.  Instead, she has visions of manufacturing some type of “issue,” apparently in the hope of reviving her struggling political campaign.

 We all know Buteas has her eyes on being mayor.  But doesn’t she realize that our town rejected her type of scorched-earth politics when voters cast her aside when she ran for council a few years ago?

 Some politicians will say or do anything to get ahead.  That’s definitely the case here. 

Tim McConville