Editor's Note:  In this Editor's Note, I will only address the issues raised in this Letter that are directly about me.  Let me be clear: I had no position on the situation involving her son and do not have one today and neither does TAP into South Plainfield.  I tweeted the story because it was newsworthy, as other media organizations clearly felt as well.  It appears that in Ms. Sorrentino's world, people can't Tweet a news article from their own personal Twitter accounts without getting her blessing first.   While in this letter, she tries to insinuate that my personal tweet caused the Drudge Report to cover the story, the Drudge Report did not link to the TAP into South Plainfield story - it linked to the NJ.com story. Ms. Sorrentino if you have questions about tweets please call me and I will gladly discuss with you.  As I agree with you, I was your neighbor, so why not pick up the phone and discuss if you do not understand?

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the Editor’s note written at the end of my letter on The Alternative Press which is attached: Editor's Note:  TAP into South Plainfield is an award-winning, all-online objective newspaper accredited by the New Jersey Press Association.  I routinely Tweet out our stories to other media outlets, as do most online publications.  For example, I did so with this story just this week:  http://thealternativepress.com/articles/booker-pallone-sweeney-and-pinkin-visit-mrp-to  Regarding the Sorrentino story itself, the story had been published by the Courier News (mycentraljersey) and posted on The Drudge Report before I even published the story, let alone Tweeted it out.  While it is convenient to blame Tweets and make TAP into South Plainfield the scapegoat for Mr. Sorrentino’s behavior, the fact is this story received broad publicity because it was news and to try to insinuate bias on my part, perhaps the Courier News, one of the largest newspapers in New Jersey, and the Drudge Report, one of the most-read online sites in the world, had a bigger part to play?  Ironically, they were not mentioned in this letter.

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To the Editor:

I do understand that you routinely tweet out stories to other media outlets; however, you do so from TAP’s twitter account. These tweets about Joey came from your personal, public twitter account. Prior to 9/17/14, you only tweeted a total of 3 times and only 1 of those had an article attached which was not directed at anyone specifically. You are correct that Joey’s story was posted to mycentraljersey.com that night, however, it was not posted to nj.com until 9/18/14 at 6:55 am, and to the Drudge Report until 9/19/14 at 8:36 am, so you had posted and tweeted it before it was posted to the Drudge Report as you have denied.  I am not blaming your tweets nor using TAP as a scapegoat for Joey’s behavior. He is the only one to blame for this, as I have already stated in my previous letter. I have no problem with TAP reporting this story or Mrs. Cullen tweeting it; where the problem lies is that she did so from her personal twitter account which she has never done before. As for Ms. Treich, I am not attacking Ms. Cullen as you accuse me of doing. To say that my letter was just as shocking as Joey’s behavior so long ago is laughable. Just to let you know, Ms. Cullen is not “another innocent woman”. She tweeted from her personal account instead of the paper’s account which she has never done before. If done only from the paper there would be no problem, but why was it done from her personal twitter account? And how could you bring up the football game?  Were you there?  If you were, you would have known the true story, that Joey, along with 2 fellow BOE members, were confronted and verbally attacked by someone, so do not spin it once again to make it look like Joey did something wrong. The tree incident was unfortunate, but the two are not comparable. Yes, we are neighbors to your parents (we live on the same street).  I always wave to them as I pass them or they pass me and they also always wave, but Ms. Cullen lived across the street from us and we were socially active with her, as she was very close with us and most of the Democrats for a long time. Joey stepped down because he values his students and career, which he has worked very hard for, not for any other reasons you have stated.

Maryann Sorrentino