Dear Editor

The Boyle Memorial Foundation would like to thank The South Plainfield Home Depot, Jennifer Hoffmann, store manager and Paul Rafalowski for your help with obtaining a refrigerator for the Jefferson Family.  The family could not afford the luxury of having this much needed appliance and through your help The Boyle Memorial Foundation was able to supply the family with a refrigerator.

I would also like to thank the South Plainfield  Roosevelt Elementary Sunshine Fund, Margaret Celentano, Kathy Simpson, Lisa Murray, and Vera Agee for the generous donations of Christmas Gifts for the Jefferson Family and to Vera Agee for helping to deliver the wrapped gifts so that these children would have gifts for the Holiday Season.  These children were our former South Plainfield Fire Victims and were very excited to be remembered.

Thank you to Hannah Rhodes for all your diligent work by fundraising for grave markers for the four Jefferson children and their grandmother who perished in the South Plainfield Fire in 2012.  There have been extremely generous donations offered by residents, principals, teachers, staff, PTO;s, the Jeans Day event and other organizations that have helped to fund these markers to commemorate the lives of these innocent children and the grandmother who was an extremely important person in their lives.  These children were our students and their graves remain unmarked, but through the remarkable efforts of Hannah  Rhoads, a student at South Plainfield High School, and her Mom, Barbara Rhoads, this dream of Hannah's will come to fruition.   Once again, the citizens of the Borough of South Plainfield, teachers, staff, and administrators have generously helped those who are in need of assistance.


Debbie Boyle, The Boyle Memorial Foundation