Dear Editor-
         I'd like to comment on Mr. Joe Lambert’s letters concerning the now infamous
flag poles. It looks like this is going to be another pre-election "nit picking" battle over
the least important issues in our town.
Last year the Democratic Candidates fumed over the Legal Removal of a tree, then it
was the DPW, and References were made against our Police Dept
This year it is the Flag Poles.
What Councilman Rusnak is trying to point out is Mr. Lamberts sarcastic,rude,attitude before
getting all the true facts. After Looking at an empty lot the Democrats bought and promised us a new
library, the new addition to our library is a welcome sight, especially since the Tax Payers are NOT paying any of the expenses. But,Mr.Lambert should attend the meetings, or at least contacted someone at Borough  Hall or the Library to find out the facts about the flag poles. Before he publically made the
rude, degrading and dis-respectful remarks that he did. He stated the flag poles should have been
a skit on the
Saturday Live's 40th anniversary show on TV? I never heard of anything so disrespectful about anything in this town before, it had absolutely no humor in it at all. Mr. Lambert and any other
residents are entitled to their opinion about anyone or anything, but that Remark was un-called for
He owes the residents an apology for degrading our town and our flags, but the Democrats usually
don't apologize.

Donna Pisaniello