Dear Editor,
I read in last week's press release that Assemblyman Diegnan is now requesting the D.O.T. to look into removing the red light cameras that border South Plainfield. Although, I am pleased with his reversal on his previous positions on the subject, I really question his motives. What Assemblyman Diegnan and the local papers seem to forget is Diegnan voted to allow these red light cameras on New Jersey roadways.

Now, a month before Election Day he flies around like a butterfly saying he agrees with Mayor Anesh and Councilman Bengivenga that the D.O.T should look into removing the cameras. If I heard it correctly I think Mr. diegnans new public position is he supports letting the law governing red light cameras sunset at the end of 2014. What Diegnan isn't admitting to South Plainfield is that he helped put up these cameras to begin with by voting for Assembly Bill 4314 in 2008. Mr. Diegnan, how many more residents will receive tickets before the law you helped pass in Trenton sunsets?

The double talk is not the type of leadership we need in Trenton. This is why I am supporting Councilman Rob Bengivenga for Assembly. He has always fought for South Plainfield residents. He was against the cameras from day one, not just a few weeks before Election Day.
Frank Lemos