The resident voters of South Plainfield have elected me, since 2007, to represent myself as your voice and entrusted me with decisions that affected your children and your tax dollars.  Over the past seven years I have worked on the Board of Education and became involved in every facet of education by continuing my studies on curriculum, finance, school law, buildings and grounds, transportation and shared service.  I have been Chair of the Shared Service Team since its inception in 2008 which included my involvement in the study done by Rutgers University.  I have worked along with both parties of the South Plainfield Borough Council to take cost effective measures to save tax dollars. 

In 2012, I received the Certified Board Member Certificate and Plaque from New Jersey School Boards because of my continued pledge to education and the many hours of classes and seminars traveling through the State of New Jersey to attend all that was offered to me to enrich my knowledge in education.  I am currently a member of the State of New Jersey School Boards Legislative Team in Trenton and the Vice President of the Middlesex County Board of Education in Programs. 

As a member of numerous Board of Education Committees and Borough Council Committees such as the Celebration Committee, the Mayor's Wellness Committee and Cultural Arts Commission, all which gives me the opportunity to work with everyone in this town for the betterment of our residents.  As a member of the South Plainfield Business Association and an officer of the SPBA Board and a member of the South Plainfield Education Foundation I am able to work with Career Day for our students, The Taste of South Plainfield and other fundraising events that allow us to give scholarships to our high school students.  As a member of Plainfield's Chapter of UNICO we are able to promote "Service Above Self" and help those in need and promote scholarships to high school seniors.  I have been involved in numerous fundraising events in our town to support those families and individuals in need.

I have walked the roofs of the schools to see first hand the jobs that needed to be performed but taking into consideration the tax payers dollars.  I have always been vocal to our residents about the finance situation with our school budget working with each superintendent that has come to our district to help our students, teachers, staff and taxpayers.  As a community service since 2006, I have taped every Borough Council and Board of Education meeting and aired them on Comcast Channel 96 and now FIOS Channel 32 so that the residents of our town can view, first hand, our elected officials in action.

It is my desire to continue, as an elected official, on the South Plainfield Board of Education.  I have a proven track record that I care about the students, teachers, staff and residents of South Plainfield.  I am asking for your support on November 5, 2013, where I appear on the bottom right hand corner of the ballot under Board Of Education on "Line 5".  Please allow me to continue to support each and every one of our residents.  DEBBIE BOYLE