While serving as the principal at Kennedy School, I had the privilege of working with a lot of wonderful teachers. Mrs. Doyon was one of those teachers. Sandy's leadership abilities made this group of teachers special in that they became a family, who showed love and caring to the children they were teaching.

Sandy is a person who has always shown great integrity and honesty in caring about all the people in her community. Sandy is always willing to become involved and support the various organizations in the town, trying to be all she can be to neighbors and friends.

In life many people play a role in making our path a little easier. Sandy has been a true friend, a person who deserves the opportunity to lead the community she loves by continuing to help people become all that they can be. Sandy's caring and love have touched the hearts of many young children for many years. I know that given the chance to become the leader of your community she will provide you with the leadership, integrity, and honesty you all deserve.

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Miss you all,

Al Czech

Former Principal Kennedy School