To all the residents of South Plainfield, I am looking for your support on November 5th. I have had a great experience these past 3 years working for you. I am looking to continue that by gaining your support for this coming election for another 3-year term. My hard work and dedication to the love of South Plainfield has a proven track record. Each and every resident that has ever reached out to me about any issue whether it be road improvements issues with parks or just a concern in general, I have always been there. I have met with residents early in the morning or late in the evening. That’s what being a councilman is about, making time to clearly understand everyone’s concerns. I ask questions at the meetings when something doesn’t seem right, however my opponents take a different approach and sit back. South Plainfield doesn’t need you to play follow the leader. They want you to be a leader. I have no motives other than wanting the best for all of our residents and children in the years to come.

So on November 5th please join me and let me continue to work for South Plainfield and vote for Dean and Doyon.