As my 3-year term is coming to an end. I just want to let all the residents know it was of a great honor to serve the Borough from which I was raised in. There are so many great things that have been done during my term with the council members. We had authorized the largest purchase for our police officers in getting new vehicles in a one-time expense to get them the updated vehicles they needed. The hiring of close to a dozen new officers as we said congratulations to our retiring officers. The fire dept received a new ladder truck updating our 25yr old truck. The rescue squad receiving 2 brand-new ambulances and our DPW getting the trucks they need and employees to keep our streets cleared during snowstorms and cleaned during the summer months. Now to improvements around town. The truck traffic nightmare which left the drivers with no real direction of to how to get their destinations was solved by a joint effort between Councilman Vesce and Middlesex County with all new signage and flashing beacons to alert the drivers. The Maple Ave. crosswalk will be getting an enforceable pedestrian cross walk light at the Spring lake park entrance to help keep residents and kids safe while walking to and from school or park. These projects were all paid for by Middlesex County. Also, we can’t leave out the community pool and spray park, a borough facility that has been completely neglected over the past years to be completed in 2020.

               I answered every resident with any questions or concerns about the Borough. My job was just that, to serve the residents whether it was issues with recycling or concerns about road improvements. I followed up. I was asked over the course of my term how I do it. How I manage running a company manage my family time and still have time for the council. It’s not easy but having an amazing wife and kids, they understood what my responsibilities were. During my time I may have missed a few meetings during the winter due to my companies Snow Management Operations which we cover sites all over NJ. Other than that, if I missed a meeting. I was always in contact with our Borough administrator. What does my future hold, I was just asked recently? We need you Jon. I may have never gone to a meeting, but my wife and I always watched them online. We were so pleased to see a young man as yourself to consistently always ask questions. My response is I don’t know just yet. My work is busy, and I need to make sure I have 100percent of the time it requires to run again next year. However only time will tell. I will leave it at this. I had a great time working with all our council members I didn’t play sides of D or R. I did what was right for the town. The times we all spent chatting in the parking lot to gathering at the Elks afterwards putting all differences aside. Also, many thanks to all the residents that gave Gary Vesce and I the chance to serve as councilman.


Yours Truly

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Jon Dean

Thank you and God Bless.