Letter to the Editor, 

A long time South Plainfield resident Teresa DeCola’s lost her Mom two years ago.  Teresa has assumed responsibility of the home.  Teresa lost her job months ago and has been interviewing in the childcare field since then,  to no avail.  Teresa is suffering serious hardship with no one to turn to.  She cannot pay her taxes, gas bill, and other utilities.  Any donation to help Teresa in her desperation would be so gracefully appreciated by her.  All donations would be made to the Boyle Memorial Foundation, 209 Van Fleet Avenue, South Plainfield, New Jersey  07080, and her bills would be paid by your generous donations, no matter what amount.  The foundation does not give cash to anyone in need, but pays the bills for the people in need.  The Foundation was able to help her with her car gas expense.  Thank you all for your generosity through the years by helping our residents sustain their lives until they get back on their feet.  Debbie Boyle, The Boyle Memorial Foundation.  If you have questions please do not hesitate to call 908 803 1573

Debbie Boyle