Dear Editor:

I must respond to the insulting letter in last week’s paper from a Republican councilman.    After a couple of paragraphs, where he basically pointed out how wonderful he is, the letter writer criticized Kristine Keefe and Sherri Zwerko for not paying their political dues.   He thinks only insiders who have been appointed by party bosses to various agencies have the right to run for office.   I guess it’s time we let folks like him know that we are in a new era.    All around this country people are seeking office who never had a seat at the table of those who jealously hold onto power.   Kristine Keefe and Sherri Zwerko, along with our next Mayor Sandy Doyon, are proud that they are not the product of the same old political system.    They deserve election because of their vision, not because they have been anointed by those who have political influence.    They have a detailed plan to address traffic, improve our recreation programs and deal with over development.     Most importantly, after they are elected they will reinstitute Democracy Day where WE get to decide how our tax dollars are spent.     It’s time we send the worried Republican councilman a message…the same old, same old isn’t getting it done.  It’s time for REAL CHANGE IN SOUTH PLAINFIELD!

Dino Palaj