Dear Editor

I hope everyone had a chance to read the flyer sent out by the Democratic Party today about the EX OEM coordinator Mike Zushma. A guy that has started the OEM in SP from day one and has been through every emergency in this town. It’s a true shame what the politics of this town has done to him and his position. Republican control council had opted to not re appoint him to his position and make Chief Parker the new coordinator. This change has also ended mine and the other 2 assistant coordinators positions mind you we were all volunteers. The new deputies who are all part of the PD command staffs are now being paid overtime salary wages to respond to calls. In fact 2 of the deputies don’t even live in SP and take the borough vehicles home everyday 15minutes away to 45minutes away. My point being is the council could careless about the volunteers from OEM, not once did any of the council call to even say thank you for the 9yrs of service with OEM when the changes happened. In fact when I has asked council Bengivenga what was going to happen to us he said I cant give you answer. Then I spoke to an officer of our town about everything, he said there was talk that the mayor and council did not want us part of OEM.  The funny thing is I am the type of person who doesn’t vote party lines I have always voted for the person I thought would do what’s right for the town. I have supported the Democrats and I have supported the Republican council specifically Rob and Matt. There are many reasons why SP needs a change and now is the time.


Sincerely Jon Dean