Every summer has meant one thing for me: Safety Town. I looked forward to volunteering at Safety Town each summer because I had the chance to work with a new group of students and instructors. Now, after 9 years, I have officially retired from Safety Town. It has been an honor and privilege to work with so many talented students and instructors over the years. Throughout my tenure, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience from Safety Town. The program has helped me strengthen my skills as an educator. I have seen many students make tremendous growth within our two-week session. 
     Although it will be strange to not return to Safety Town next summer, I know it is the right time to move on, and I know I have left a positive mark on the program. I want to thank the Recreation Department for continuing to sponsor this important program for our early childhood educations students to learn, understand, and master important safety skills. Each graduation ceremony has allowed students to demonstrate their safety skills for their family and friends, and highlight all of the great things they have learned during Safety Town. To the Observer and TAP into South Plainfield, thank you for your press coverage of our Safety Town graduation ceremonies. I greatly appreciate the outstanding articles and photos you have published for our program. 
     Enclosing, I will miss everything about Safety Town. Moreover, I want to especially thank head teacher Kiley Squier for allowing me to work as her teacher’s assistant during my long tenure at Safety Town. Kiley is an outstanding educator, who has given me leadership, guidance, and friendship. Kiley and I have worked together for so long that we know each other’s next move. The thing I will miss most about Safety Town is collaborating with Kiley because she has given me so much that I cannot begin to thank her. 
     Finally, I sincerely want to thank everyone who I have encountered during this journey because you have made my 9 years at Safety Town an unforgettable experience! 

Kenny Crilley