Having been one of this year’s recipients for the South Plainfield High School Hall of Fame award, I would like to express my gratitude. My sincere thanks goes to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee who felt that I am worthy of the award, Gina Solazzo and Darlene Cullen, 2 dear friends for nominating me without my knowledge, and the Boyle Foundation and Education Foundation for making the awards luncheon possible. It was a nice surprise that so many friends and family attended to see me be honored.

     I am honored to join Chrissy Buteas and William Price as this year’s honorees and join several other of my Class of 1971 classmates on the wall.

     Growing up, my parents instilled in my sister, brother and myself the importance of giving back to the community and above all, no matter where we went, to never forget where we came from. My sister Joan started and ended her teaching career in town and my brother Richie started as a junior fireman and continued as one of South Plainfield’s finest. My years of service to the community was done not for accolades but for gratification that I received in helping others.

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     I extend the same words to the Class of 2017 graduates…no matter where you go in life or how large your bank account is, never forget where you came from.

     South Plainfield may no longer be on my driver license, but South Plainfield will always be in my heart!


Linda Dashuta, Monroe Township