Dear Editor:

I'd like to thank Library Director Linda Hansen, Library Board President Cheryl Nagel-Smiley, my colleagues on the Library Board of Trustees, Councilwoman Christine Faustini, the Recreation Commission and all of those that supported the building of Willow Park's new inclusive play structure. Without their support, this important addition to our community would never have been built.

I was a member of the committee that Mayor Anesh formed to help build the new library, and I must say I found the building of this inclusive playground equally rewarding. Knowing that all of South Plainfield's children will be able to utilize this park and play together regardless of ability is truly humbling.

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Unfortunately, I must admit I seem to be experiencing the same" deja vu" I experienced while planning for the new library. Just as the former Democratic political candidates came out against construction of the new library, this crop of Democratic candidates used the same play book and opposed the location of the inclusive equipment.  This is despite the fact that the area was carefully considered, and selected with good reason. South Plainfield Public Library has done a wonderful job of establishing support and services to the special needs community, so creating an inclusive play area adjacent to the building was a natural extension of these efforts.

When the library was built at no additional cost to South Plainfield Taxpayers,  Democrats made ridiculous claims regarding potential flooding, and went so far as to suggest we might need a boat to access our flagpole.  Despite years of false promises, they voted against building a new library for our community, and ended up boycotting the building’s groundbreaking celebration.  Their latest strategy seems to be spreading erroneous information in an attempt to quell the excitement stemming from the construction of an inclusive playground meant to benefit everyone. Their scorched earth tactics are the same as they have always been. They oppose everything Mayor Anesh tries to do regardless of whom it may help.

The local Democrat party had new names on the primary ballot in June, but their stripes seem pretty familiar to me.