I really don't know how to say this as I am usually on the other side of these things (helping out), but from the bottom of my heart I want to thank my family, all of my great friends and everyone that has jumped in to help since being diagnosed with Leukemia.  Today is my 36th day in Robert Wood Johnson Hospital but I am working hard to get out of here and hoping that is soon.

I want to thank the South Plainfield Police  Department, New Jersey State Police and Tim Gallagher for helping to put together a blood drive on my behalf yesterday.  I was overwhelmed by the response from everyone.  I was told that due to the turnout some people had to come back the next day, Unbelievable.

I have lived in South Plainfield my whole life and now I know why I never left, it's the people!

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Hope to see everyone soon,

Sal Esposito