To the Editor,

On Tuesday, November 5th, the voters will be asked to make an important decision  about the future of our Borough Council. People have asked me why I am running for the Council.  The answer is simple, I’m running because I know that I have the experience, knowledge, and temperament to work cooperatively with others and would be an asset to the South Plainfield Council. As a lifelong resident, I understand the changes, good and bad, and the effects that they have had on our community. My experience as a teacher, a coach,a business manager, a volunteer, and a representative for teachers locally, in the county, the state, and at the national level, have given me the tools to be an effective leader. The key word is leader, not someone who will blindly follow what they are told to do.

Another question that I have been asked is what does it mean when you say that you and Jon Dean are “the only choice to have a voice”? It means that one party rule in a community our size is very exclusive. Many talented people are not included on committees, or able to be an active part in our community. It also means that many hard questions are not being asked or answered because those voices are not valued or important to the majority.

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I have no doubt that the members of our governing body love South Plainfield, have worked hard, and want to do their best for our community, but I also have no doubt that Jon Dean and I are the best choice, and a much needed dynamic to bring a balance and a voice to our Borough Council.  Jon Dean and I are asking for your support!



Sandy Doyon