Someone once asked President Harry Truman “How is it you always seemed to know what was the right thing to do?” The President answered “Knowing the right thing to do is not difficult for most people. It’s doing the right thing that gives them a problem.” I thought of President Truman when I read about the courageous actions of Anthony Ashnault, who earned an NCAA wrestling championship at Rutgers. Anthony cut ties with ScrapLife, a company that produces Armour Wrestling products because of racist comments which were posted on it’s Facebook account. Think about it. Anthony has dedicated most of his life to become one of the best wrestlers in the history of college sports. That recognition led to the unique opportunity to become the face of one of the top athletic equipment companies in the world. It would have been easy to either ignore the post or explain it away. That is not what Anthony Ashnault is about. As a South Plainfield resident I have the honor of personally knowing the Ashnault family. I can only imagine how proud Bill and Sue Ashnault are of their son Anthony. Now, more than ever, we as Americans must celebrate people of conscience. Thank you Anthony for having the courage to do the right thing! Senator Patrick Diegnan