Dear Parents/Guardians:

You recently received a letter from our superintendent stating the following: "The South Plainfield School District administration was recently notified by the South Plainfield Education Association that the faculty and staff members of their association will not voluntarily attend evening events as they have done in the past."  The superintendent's letter was in response to the status of the negotiations between the South Plainfield Education Association and the Board of Education Bargaining Committees.

Please know that the situation that gave rise to our actions is far more complex than she would have you believe.  Our negotiations began in November 2016.   They came to a halt in February 2017 with absolutely no agreements and no time devoted to the process.  The only agreement was that negotiations would be conducted in private.  It is clear from what you read that the superintendent has broken that ground rule and the trust necessary for successful bargaining.  Our current contract expires June 30, 2017. Our next session with the Board is tentatively set for June 19th.

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We are hopeful that an agreement will be reached prior to June 30th and that there will be no more procrastination on the Board's part.

Thank you for your open mindedness regarding these "unfortunate circumstances."


Diana Joffe, SPEA President

Sandy Doyan, SPEA Vice President

Karl Spolarich, SPEA Chief Negotiator