To the Editor
I would like to thank the people who helped with the Friends of the South Plainfield Library book sale. First off Chief Parker for letting us use the sign outside in front of Borough Hall. He had that sign going the next day after I emailed him the night before. Thank You so much. Thank You to Pat Gustafson, Eric, Phyllis, and Danielle Aronowitz and especially my husband Kenny Bonanno for the set up the night before. The day of the book sale I would like to thank Frank and Laura Lemos, Chrissy Lee and her son Christopher, Lisa Mahon who I had go from the bake sale to the book sale and back to the bake sale.  Eric, Phyllis, and Danielle Aronowitz, Stephanie Wolak, and Cheryl Nagel Smiley with the volunteering for the book sale itself. A special thanks to the Library Staff who handled their normal jobs along with the extra stuff that came with the book sale and selling raffle tickets all thru the day especially toward the drawing time. And a special thanks to Linda Hansen the Director who has helped me when I needed it. She helped with the dates for the Friends to pick from for the sale itself, the room to use and when I was nervous on how the sale was going she calmed me down.  And a big Thank You to the people who donated books and baked goods without them there would not be a book and bake sale. In the end, everything was a success. Thank you everyone.