Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, we have a chance to elect two candidates for council who, in my opinion, will keep South Plainfield moving forward.  They are Melanie Mott and Pete Smith.  Without the help of people like Melanie and Pete, we wouldn’t be able to do many of the things that are helping us go in the right direction, things like:

  • Having one of the lowest tax rates in the county.


  • Earning the respect of the financial community, which calls South Plainfield’s finances “very strong” and “stable.”


  • Forging a bipartisan solution that doubles the size of the library without borrowing or raising taxes.


  • Adding a new street sweeping program and adding new decorative banners around town.


  • Requiring utility companies to repave roads they dig up, resulting in 10 miles of roads repaved and saving taxpayers over $2 million


  • Adding two new parks to the boroughs roster.



Melanie Mott and Pete Smith will help us keep getting these types of results going.  I urge you to support them on Tuesday.


Mayor Matt Anesh