The South Plainfield Library Board of Trustees, at its meeting held on May 20th, voted to reject all bids received for the Library Expansion Project. The Board also voted to re-advertise for the receipt of new bids.

Nine (9) bids were received on May 9th. The Board, on the advice of its Attorney, voted to reject the low bid due to its failure to include a mandatory bid document. The bids of the remaining eight (8) bidders were rejected for being above the Board’s cost estimates for the Project. Board President, Darlene Cullen, stated that: “The Board’s action is in full compliance with and was required by the State bidding laws”. President Cullen further stated that: “We hope to have very competitive bids when the new bids are received”.

 The new bids are scheduled to be received on Tuesday, June 10th at 2:00 PM.