Heart Songs Corporation Recording Artist Sara Ann Garrison (Delaware) released her first EP for pre-order on iTunes and Google Play with a release date of May 5th 2017.  The EP was Produced by Jill Pavel (Heart Songs Corporation), Simon Reid Music (Nashville), Beaird Music Group (Nashville) and Beta Bass Productions (Nicholas Taricani & Marc Stasio).  In the typical Nashville fashion the EP was a collaborative effort bringing the best production and songwriting teams together to support the talent of Sara Ann Garrison. Garrison is currently a high school senior and on regional tour promoting and performing her EP along with her band.  You can learn more about Sara Ann at www.saraanngarrison.com

Cory Singer co-wrote the Title song "Livin' a Dream" with  Sara Ann Garrison along with Nashville Songwriter Jason Kabler.  Cory and Sara Ann are label mates and have worked extensively together over the past few years  They are both Heart Songs for Veteran Ambassadors and Heart Songs recording artists. Jill Pavel worked in production with Taricani and Stasio on two of the songs on Sara Ann's EP "Tell Me Why" and "I Know".  The single "I Know" was released last year. Garrison made it to the Top Ten of the Headquarters Live Songwriters Contest (Salisbury, MD) with the song "I Know". The single garnered radio airplay in the United States, Canada and New Zealand.