SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – More than 40 children in pre-K through fifth grade attended a performance of Mariah's Amazing Puppets on July 15. The puppet show, which was hosted by the South Plainfield Public Library and held at the senior center, focused on environmental issues and provided children with age-appropriate lessons on how to keep the earth green and clean.

Presented by Mariah Newborne, a former resident of Piscataway and professional puppeteer who has been performing for schools, parties and organizations since 1978, the interactive show featured a demonstration and hands on introduction to litter and recycling as well as taught children how to care about the their community, neighbors, and the earth. The 40-minute presentation included a performance of Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree and Newborne’s original piece “The Selfish Litterbug Giant.” Through the escapades of the Selfish Litterbug Giant, children learned about the problems caused by litter while the story of The Giving Tree offered a powerful message about the gift of nature and how to give back and make a difference.

“Mariah’s Amazing Puppets held the children’s attention and the show provided a great way for them to understand the importance of not littering and taking care of the earth,” said Library Director Linda Hansen, noting that the program was offered to South Plainfield free-of-charge through a New Jersey Clean Communities Grant. “We are happy to have hosted this informational program here in South Plainfield.”

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