Dear Editor,

I am one of the members of South Plainfield's Community Emergency Response (CERT) Team. We are citizen-volunteers who give of our free time to help South Plainfield whenever assistance is needed and asked for. Over the past few years, whenever we have been called out, the Mayor and Council Members always seem to have been there too, right along side us.

Filling and giving out sand bags prior to Hurricane Sandy, the Mayor and Council members were right there with us and the members of the Department of Public Works.  They had no qualms about getting their hands dirty and breaking some sweat right along with us. I know I saw the Mayor and Council members assisting with the clean up of debris after the superstorm passed, as well.

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It seems every time I turn around, I see Mayor Anesh at some town function or another, making his presence and concern felt. He and Councilman White visited us this past June during our Field Day exercise at Spring Lake Park. Our mission that weekend was to set up and test an emergency communications scenario, in the event that South Plainfield should need backup radio communications in the event "that all else failed" due to some mega-disaster. Mayor Anesh and Councilman White made it a point to not only visit us, but to take the time to see what we were doing and to learn about what was going on and to see how our capabilities would help the town in the event of an all out disaster.

It is apparent from their actions that Mayor Anesh and the Council members care deeply about South Plainfield. They have a proven track record and I think they deserve to be re-elected this November.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry Makoski