South Plainfield–The South Plainfield Community Pool has been a treasure to Borough residents since being built in the mid 60’s. The Pool, which at one time was privately owned, has been a source of recreational fun for generations. It is a source of summer relief for residents young and old.

 Much like the library, prior to the addition, the pool is dated and in need of repair. Administration after Administration have tried to make small modest improvements, but the Pool is now in need of major improvements and a summer makeover. Technological advances in spray parks combined with our community pool, should be investigated and utilized to revitalize this South Plainfield treasure.

 Councilwoman Faustini has been in discussions with me throughout the summer regarding the community pool and potential improvements. She has met with representatives of Green Brook about their pool plans and a number of pool vendors to evaluate pool alternatives. 

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 I am asking that a resolution for engineering services be added to the next agenda for improvements to the South Plainfield Community Pool.

  I am directing Council President Bengivenga, Councilwoman Faustini and Recreation Director Kevin Hughes, once the resolution is passed, to work with the pool engineering company and our Recreation Commission to develop conceptual designs for a new and revitalized Community Pool/Spray Park Facility.

 The area in and around the PAL are also in need of improvement. Our recreational facilities are second to none, and the pool, parking lots and Cady Lane all need to be upgraded. These facilities are our facilities. It is called the Community Pool for a reason. Let’s work together and get it done for South Plainfield.