SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - Derryck White was first elected to the South Plainfield Council in 2011 and is seeking re-election to his second, three-year term. He is running for the at-large seat on the Republican ticket along with current Mayor Matt Anesh and Councilman Alex Barletta. As councilman, White chairs the Economic Development Committee and also serves on the Recreations Commission and the Health, Welfare and Environment Committee. In 2010, prior to being elected to the council, White was a member of the Zoning Board of Adjustments.

White moved to South Plainfield from Piscataway in 2002 and he and his wife Lisa are parents to Jessica, Alex and Noah. White is a former liaison to the South Plainfield Board of Education for the Riley School PTSO and a past chair of the school’s annual father-daughter dance. A former recreation soccer and basketball coach, White is currently a coach for the South Plainfield Soccer Association and South Plainfield Junior Baseball Club and is an active member of South Plainfield’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Councilman White earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing from Eastern University and is currently a sales supervisor for a New Brunswick-based Fortune 200 company. With experience in project management, corporate training, operations and marketing, White is responsible for leading a field sales and retention team. According to White, his professional background has played a key role during his tenure on the council.

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“I bring business sense and what I have done and learned in projective planning and problem solving to the table,” he said, noting that his ability to look more long-term and be more forward thinking is key. “I have a proven ability to solve not from short-term outlook but from long-term perspective to get things fixed right one time, the first time, and prevent issues from becoming reoccurring so we can continue to focus on the moving community forward.”

If re-elected, White also plans to continue working with the mayor and his fellow council members on what he refers to as ‘key issues’ which include but are not limited to “controlling taxes, maintaining a safe and viable growing community and preserving South Plainfield’s small town feel.” A proponent for bringing in new businesses, he understands that in order for South Plainfield to remain a comfortable and safe place to live commercial businesses – both large and small – need to partner with the community and be good neighbors.

“One way this can be accomplished is by bringing in new businesses that understand the value of being good neighbors and who want to partner with the community,” said White. “We have been fortunate so far in doing that and continuing to do so will make our community that small town feel while enabling residents to live comfortably and feel safe.”

A perfect example of this mindset, said White, was evident in the council’s success to close down Liquid Assets earlier this year. “There were so many safety concerns and it was really becoming a detriment to the community at-large, especially in that area, and was a big achievement for us,” said White. “Closing down an establishment like that is key in our goals for keeping the community safe.”

White would also like to continue working with the Small Business Administration and provide the group with resources to help new local businesses be more successful and effective. “A lot of businesses, when they start, do not have a solidified five-year business plan to get them through the first few years. Having one is so important and without one many businesses do not survive,” said White. “I want to be able to help them along the journey to thrive and grow their businesses here in South Plainfield.”

According to White, one of the things he loves most about South Plainfield – what he feels truly sets it apart – is its small town feel. “With 23,000 residents it really isn’t that small, but it still has that feel. Residents are really invested in this community. We rally around one another and there is ownership and pride and that’s quite unique,” said White. “Making South Plainfield a good place to live and raise a family and a place that is comfortable and safe is truly a collective effort.”

As councilman, White said he is proud of the way the council, as a governing body, has been involved and entrenched in the community. “We have made ourselves available and responsible to the residents while also being open to new things. We really have our fingers on the pulse of the community and what the needs are,” said White, noting that residents should re-elect him based on his proven track record of consistency and integrity.

“At the end of the day, I am a resident as well. What I vote on and the decisions I make aren’t just for the residents of the borough but my own family as well,” he said, adding, “I am not going to put my family in jeopardy or theirs – the residents of South Plainfield are an extension of us.”