SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - As Mayor of the Borough, like all Americans, I was outraged by the senseless murder of George Floyd. We stand with George Floyd’s family as they mourn his tragic and senseless murder. We support the scores of peaceful protestors who stand and march for justice for the Floyd family. We support our officers, sworn to uphold the law and ready to serve our community in a fair and non-biased manner.

No words, written or spoken can replace the loss of a loved one. No words can easily repair the broken bonds of trust required between a community and the police sworn to protect and serve them. Only time can heal and only time will heal these recent wounds.

As we offer our prayers to the Floyd family and friends, we hope and pray that not only will time heal these wounds but that it will bring all of us closer together. We hope our communities become stronger and the bond of trust between police departments and communities across this nation become stronger and more just.

South Plainfield is a tight-knit community. What’s special is our sense of family. Our bonds are strong and we hope they remain as such. As our Chief states, “Now is the time for collective prayer, reflection and continued effort to maintain confidence and trust” within our borough.