NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey bestowed police badges upon two search and rescue bloodhounds and awarded another posthumously yesterday in recognition of their efforts to successfully track lost and missing adults and children.

The badges were accepted on behalf of the bloodhounds by their handlers and trainers, Michael and Debbie Campbell of South Plainfield.

Badges were presented to Joker and Aleck, two bloodhounds under the supervision of the Campbells. The badges will be worn on the dogs’ collars.

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Aleck is the newest member of the search and rescue team, and begins service today. Joker has been in service for five years and has participated in numerous rescue efforts.

The third badge was awarded posthumously in recognition of many years of service by Aggie. The six-year-old bloodhound died in May 2016.

The bloodhounds have been successful in helping to trace adults, many of whom suffer from dementia and other disabilities, and children, who have autism or other cognitive impairments.

“We in law enforcement cannot begin to express our gratitude to the Campbells and their bloodhounds for donating countless hours to help locate missing adults and children,” Prosecutor Carey said.


Carey also noted that the use of bloodhounds spares police many hours of tracing, as the hounds have the ability to find missing individuals in a relatively short period of time.

The Campbells began offering the services of the bloodhounds when Michael Campbell became a member of the Middlesex County Urban Search And Rescue (USAR) team under the direction of Michael Gallagher, the county fire marshal.

The bloodhounds are available 24-7 to police and fire departments throughout the county.