The New Jersey State School Board Association Middlesex County held  their meeting on May 1, 2019 at Pierre‘s Restaurant in South Brunswick.   Middlesex County School Board President Debbie Boyle, South Plainfield Board of Education and Middlesex County Vice President of Legislation  Elliott Stroul of The Jamesburg Board of Education,   received the highest award given to a board member,  which is a Certified Board Leader.   The criteria  to receive this award states that a  board member must have been a vice president and president of their Board of Education,  a county executive board officer,  must have completed 40+ hours of attending seminars and classes, training  and  a delegate to the Delegate Assembly.  The applicants must also take a test and pass.  Debbie Boyle has been the Middlesex County School Board President for two consecutive terms which consist of four years, appointed by the Board of Directors to be a Legislative Representative for District 18 and also a member of the finance committee, and  Elliot Stroul has been the Vice President of Legislation for one consecutive term. Pictured left to right is Debbie Boyle, Executive Director of New Jersey State School Board Association Dr. Lawrence Feinsod,  Elliot Stroul Jamesburg Board of Education President and Christy Tighe,  Vice President of County Activities.