The South Plainfield Junior Baseball Club has been busy the past 6 weeks with their Annual Fall Baseball clinic for 5, 6, 7 and 8 year old players that played in C League and Tee ball last year.

Run by the South Plainfield Junior Baseball Club Board Members, Travel & Club Coaches and the following youths who played at the baseball club (Matt Cassio, Justin Culver, Nick DellaSala, Dominic Faustini, Bill Keane, Nick Loniewski, Ryan Massatt, Jack Scrudato, Dylan Silverstein Mike Stanzcak, Braydon Tankiewicz, Niko Vasquez and last but not least Brandon Wizda)

A record 75 youth players signed up and performed many drills to teach them how to throw, bat and catch the right way in playing baseball, as well the players played in scrimmages.