SOUTH PLAINFIELD,  NJ - My Grandparents have lived in Venice, Florida for majority of my teenage and adult years. When my grandmother passed a few months ago, my grandfather had decided to come up here to New Jersey to spend time with his family for a few weeks this summer; we are the only family he has left in the United States. Both him and my grandmother loved to fish and as a group, we decided to take him on a party boat for a memorable fishing trip. There were six of us in our group, and of course, I was the only girl! I always enjoyed getting dolled up but would never turn down a trip to spend time with family; especially a trip with a bit of competition. After leaving the docks out of Belmar on "Miss. Belmar Princess," we headed out about 20 miles east into deeper waters. As soon as the hooks went into the water, people on the boat were catching fish left and right! I thought that I was doing something wrong. It seems too easy to just cast the bait and catch a fish. Well, about 3 hours into the trip, I felt a jerk on my hook and immediately began to reel what felt like a whale!  I was so excited to reel in my first blue fish that I didn't realize that they put up such a fight in the water and almost lost my pole to the ocean. Everyone else on the boat made it look like a piece of cake. They must be professionals. Fifteen minutes of fighting, tugging, pulling, and reeling finally brought that fish closer to the boat for the help to grab him from the water and on to the deck. Once I got the hang of it, I reeled in 4 more fish that trip... more than anyone in my group! I'd like to think that my grandmother was there cheering me on with some of her luck! 

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