The New Jersey State Delegate Assembly was held on November 23, 2019 in Trenton. Senate President Steve Sweeney of the New Jersey State Senate spoke to a packed crowd of 175 delegates. Topic
 items addressed by the Senate President consisted of the resolution to allow towns to move above the 2% CAP law for those districts who cannot operate with a 2% CAP, teacher health and pension benefits, the School Funding Formula that remains underfunded along with extraordinary aid for Special Education, both Federal and State being underfunded. The delegates in attendance expressed that these issues are about the initiatives for student education and not focused on the taxpayers. Picture l to r: Sharon Miller, Vice President of the Middlesex County School Boards Association and Delegate for South Plainfield, Senate President Steve Sweeney, Debbie Boyle, IPPesident of the Middlesex County School Boards Association, member of the State Finance Committee and Delegate for South Plainfield, and Bruce Young, State NJSBA County Activities Vice President. submitted by Debbie Boyle