SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - Over 175 volunteers took part in the annual town-wide spring cleanup on Saturday, according to Dr. Alice Tempel, the borough's environmental specialist.  

The participating groups cleaned over 20 locations throughout the town and gathered 132 bags of garbage, ranging from soda bottles to coffee cups.  

After spending the morning collecting debris, many of the participants returned to Borough Hall, where the Environmental Commission sponsored an annual "pickup picnic" that included donated pizza and sandwiches from local merchants  The event also included exhibitions on preserving the environment and a visit by one of the DEP's environmental ambassadors, who explained how storm water pollutes rivers, streams, and lakes.

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Mayor Matt Anesh, along with Council President Alex Barletta and Councilmen Ray Rusnak, Rob Bengivenga, and Bobby Richkus kept alive a town tradition by picking an area of town to pick up.  This year, the governing body chose the exit from Route 287 on Durham Avenue, which Anesh said needed a good cleaning.

While the main event took place on Saturday, the pickup continues all week long.  To volunteer, people (or community groups) can contact Tempel at Borough Hall.